The saying goes that, it’s the journey not the destination. These days, if you need to reach your destination via air travel it’s hard to remember that. Like most, I’ve cultivated some habits that make the experience feel special and, dare I say it, fun.

1) I chose a festive colored bag to carry my survival kit in. Because the party starts right here in seat 22A! Whooooo!
2) Lavender sleep mask and a pair of nice warm socks.
3) Water bottle and snacks. I like to treat myself to a favorite candy bar, although lately I’ve been trying to be more virtuous.
4) Hand and face cleansing wipes, for when I start to feel gooey.
5) Lip balm and moisturizer (for hands and face) to combat the dry air. Also, a moisturizing aromatherapy spray to combat the fried bologna sandwich that 22C brought.
6) A favorite travel story. I like to re-read 13 Little Blue Envelopes or Girl at Sea by Maureen Johnson.

I’d love to know, what are your air travel secrets?

2 thoughts on “The Packing Project: Episode 3

  1. Emily Rear says:

    Getting ready for that fun trip to aloha? Wish I were going!

  2. It’s only a few weeks away! We’re really looking forward to it!

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