After lunch and, a visit with the “Emperor”, I guided my husband down a narrow alley in Chinatown for a special treat.

“Uh, where are we going again?”
“It’s just this way, c’mon you’ll love it!”
“Ohhhh Kaayyy”

Finally we ducked into a tiny, I mean teeny tiny, shop, and the owner greeted us like he’d been waiting for us. We had arrived to see The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory!

The machines clanked and whirred and the ladies operating them did so at lightening speed. The owner grabbed a still warm cookie from the press and offered us a taste. Fresh fortune cookie is a revelation, guys!

The next day we had brunch a Yank Sing.

The nice ladies bring carts with all manner of tiny baskets full of pretty things to eat and it’s so hard to not want to try everything!

After, we waddled (literally) down the street to Embarcadero, where we took in the splendid bay views.

Then we crossed over to the Ferry Building. It was a shame we had already eaten because it’s food heaven there! We did go back for lunch the next day though.

You know, this might have to continue into a part three. I still have so many things to tell you about! Okay, till next time. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Away: San Francisco Part 2

  1. isounddesign says:

    Nice, photos looks like from Californication series intro. Anyway, interesting.

    What is it meal at the photos chinese sticks?

  2. Emily Rear says:

    Great info Kathy! Are the Dumplings good?

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