It’s one of our favorite cities! I suspect we could go back every year and not do the same things twice. This time we revisited a few of our favorite places plus had a few new adventures.

We treated our selves by hiring a car for the drive from the airport. You know the guys in suits and shades who hold the signs with people’s names on the card? So cool!
I should have made our driver pose for a cheesy thumbs up photo. Alas I didn’t want to ruin the “I’m pretty cool!” vibe of having a driver.

We stayed at the Sir Frances Drake Hotel near Union Square

Jef and I love the historic location and were very well taken care of.

Our favorite place at the hotel was the bar in lobby where, after an afternoon of site-seeing, we had a lovely beverage made by the charming bartender.

First thing we do upon arrival in San Francisco is high-tail it to Chinatown and our favorite lunch spot.
The Far East Cafe is.. okay, can I be honest? It’s pretty touristy, being right on Grant Ave and the food is American style Chinese. I’ll wager it’s not terribly authentic as far as Asian cuisine goes.

But guess what? I don’t care! The proprietor himself greets you with a big smile as you walk in and seats you right away.

The atmosphere is everything a Chinatown restaurant should be, combined with a nice cold Tsingtao beer and a big plate of something fried and covered in sweet and sour saucy stuff…that’s my idea of a great start in San Francisco!

After lunch, if you’re very lucky you could meet the Emperor of Grant Ave.

He likes a nice scratch behind the ear.

More SFO in a bit, stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Away: San Francisco Part 1

  1. Emily Rear says:

    Great first Part!!!

  2. jemme says:

    Food look delicious

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