February 4th 2010 on a website then called Wishing For Horses this appeared.

It was my first blog post.

Thinking back I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my shiny new website but I was excited! I had a lot of ideas!

Would I chronicle my life as a parent of sons (then) aged 15 & 13? (turns out no, definitely not) I could write restaurant reviews? (nah) Maybe I’d become an agony aunt and give advice to the lovelorn of the internet? (hard pass)

Eventually my imagination settled down and I became realistic about my chances of being a famous blogger. (1 in 500,000 as it turns out) I soon realized that this was a great place to simply play.

I became interested in painting and visual arts, so I shared my inspirations with a series called “Art is Everywhere”  


The series called “Meet A Blogger” was dedicated to all the wonderful people making the internet a nice place to spend some time. I found book nerds (Smart Bitches, Trashy Books), and cooking gurus (The Julie/Julia Project…You know the blog on which the book and then the movie was based?)

I got interested in learning to cook, that’s when things started to take off around here. I began posting recipes. The posts were essentially me trying to write things down so I would have my own personal data base for the things my family liked. I put all those recipes together in a book called “The Family Table” 

A four years later I published “Dinner Tonight” a second book based on my blog.

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 10.12.49 AM

And it was fun when people started showing up (other than my mom that is 🙂 )

After the tragedy that was my packing job for a trip to Europe I started chronicling How I Learned To Pack Light  with a series called The Packing Project. More travel blogs followed.


And then, in 2013 everything changed. My oldest graduated and was off to university. One kid down in the house triggered a major light bulb moment. I looked through my story ideas notebooks, some of them were pretty good! I thought, hey I’ll just amuse myself. I started to write.

One book became two, then three, I’m currently working on my fourth novel.

It was then that WishingForHorses,com became  And here we are today!

So, happy 10th birthday my dear little website! I’m so very grateful for those who have stuck around and egged me on. Here’s to ten more!


XX -Kathleen







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