February 4th 2010 on a website then called Wishing For Horses this appeared. It was my first blog post. Thinking back I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my shiny new website but I was excited! I had a lot of ideas! Would I chronicle my life as a parent of sons …

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Can I just have a little fan girl moment? Just a small squee for the magical illustrations that delight me to no end! Maori Sakai is a freelance illustrator that has been burning up the internet via Society6, and Tumblr. Go take a look! All photos and gifs. by Maori Sakai

I’m a fan of The Design Files‘ Melbourne Mornings series. Recently they’ve featured artist Kirra Jamison. She’s inspired me to think about new projects. Maybe break out of my comfort zone and explore more color, bolder shapes, experiment. How amazing is her studio space? *swoons*