Hello Everyone!

I’ve found and/or acquired a few things in January that I’ve been telling everybody about and I thought maybe you’d like to know too!

First off this beautiful wall paper! It graces my laptop screen and phone lock screen as we speak! And guess what? It’s FREE! πŸ™‚

You will never find a bigger beauty product skeptic than me. That said, Make-up remover cloths really do live up to the hype. Prices vary widely but, I bought the cheap ones at the grocery store and they work great.

In keeping with the ECO/ZeroWaste theme I’ve been giving Shampoo Bars a try. I’ve been using JR LIGGETTS and they work very well. (Oh! P.S.! They have PET shampoo too!)

I’ve also been trying out Educated Earthling’s conditioner bar. Now, I have long hair and though I’m not that picky about shampoo, I do not put up with wimpy conditioner! You guys, it’s great! Highly recommend!

I also have a bar of Beauty and the Bees conditioner to try. I’ll report back!

Homesick Candles are so very lovely to give as gifts or to remind you of a place or time. I have the Hawaii one in my bedroom and it’s perfect!

And finally, the steaming method for hard cooked eggs is a game changer! Try it!






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