Hello Everyone!

I’ve found and/or acquired a few things in January that I’ve been telling everybody about and I thought maybe you’d like to know too!

First off this beautiful wall paper! It graces my laptop screen and phone lock screen as we speak! And guess what? It’s FREE! 🙂

You will never find a bigger beauty product skeptic than me. That said, Make-up remover cloths really do live up to the hype. Prices vary widely but, I bought the cheap ones at the grocery store and they work great.

In keeping with the ECO/ZeroWaste theme I’ve been giving Shampoo Bars a try. I’ve been using JR LIGGETTS and they work very well. (Oh! P.S.! They have PET shampoo too!)

I’ve also been trying out Educated Earthling’s conditioner bar. Now, I have long hair and though I’m not that picky about shampoo, I do not put up with wimpy conditioner! You guys, it’s great! Highly recommend!

I also have a bar of Beauty and the Bees conditioner to try. I’ll report back!

Homesick Candles are so very lovely to give as gifts or to remind you of a place or time. I have the Hawaii one in my bedroom and it’s perfect!

And finally, the steaming method for hard cooked eggs is a game changer! Try it!






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