On the rare occasion that I can find fresh figs I tend to go mad and put them in everything. Fig pizza, fig spread, figs & ham! Figs! Figs! Figs!
The best use for this lovely fruit (actually, it’s an inside out flower!) is this simple dessert, perfect for Indian summer evenings.

Bruleed Figs w/ Honey & Yogurt
8 Fresh Figs
6 tablespoons Raw (Turbinado) Sugar
2 cups Plain Yogurt
4 tablespoons Honey
10 Fresh Mint Leaves

You’ll need a propane welding or culinary torch, to “brulee” the sugar topping.
Cut the stems off the figs and slice them in half. Arrange the figs cut side up on a heat proof sheet pan resting on a trivet or a double thickness of towelling. I once nearly melted my counter top!
Sprinkle with the raw sugar and then melt the sugar with the torch.
Just flick the tip of the flame over the sugar with a light stroke. Once one part starts to bubble move to the next, you can come back to the ones that are not quite melted after they’ve cooled a bit. The point of this is to only melt the sugar and not heat up the figs too much.
Allow the figs to sit and cool while the melted sugar solidifies into a crunchy candy-like shell.
On a small plate or bowl serve up the yogurt into portions, drizzle with honey and scatter with mint leaves.
Place the finished figs (2 whole figs per person) onto the yogurt and serve.

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