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Mr. Penumbra’s 24 hour Bookstore by Robin Slone
A story that joins 21st century tech wunderkids with a 15th century secret society to try a de-code the granddaddy of all code books. One that might hold the secret to eternal life! Clay is an unemployed web designer struggling to get a job in his field. He takes a job at Penumbra’s 24 hour Bookstore, and quickly realizes that there’s more going on than just selling books a 1 am.

“The shelves were packed close together, and it felt like I was standing at the border of a forest… There were ladders that clung to the shelves and rolled side to side. Usually those seem charming, but here, stretching up into the gloom, they were ominous.”


That Old Black Magic by Mary Jane Clark
Piper Donovan is thrilled to be assisting a famous baker in New Orleans. Less so when people start being murdered by “The Hoodoo Killer.” It becomes clear each victim has been killed in a bizarre ritual dedicated to a Voodoo saint. No matter where Piper goes trouble always seems to find her.

The Boy in the Smoke by Maureen Johnson
Those who follow Maureen’s “The Shades of London” series know the character Stephen Dene, and the incident that triggered his supernatural power. We didn’t know the whole story however. This short prequel is a great look into the life of this beloved character, and here’s the best part guys, it’s free! Yes, free! Click the link, sign up for Wattpad (it’s free!) and start reading!

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