peppermint choc cups

Don’t let tempering chocolate scare you! My method is super easy and fast.
I switched up my recipe so I could put it in mini muffin cups. Makes for a sweet treat to hand around at the end of a meal or as a parting gift for party guests.

Peppermint Bark Cups
1 12oz package Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
1 12oz. package White Chocolate Chips
3 tablespoons crushed Peppermint Candy

Crush your peppermint candy and measure out 3 tablespoons. Set aside.
Line a mini muffin pan with mini muffin liners and set to wait for the chocolate.
Line a cup or mug with a piping bag (or sandwich bag) and fold the top over the sides of the cup.
piping bag how to
piping bag how to 2
Note: Shown above, I’ve used rice to illustrate how to fill and then use the sandwich/piping bag. I forgot to take a picture of it with the chocolate in it. Sorry.

When you’re all set up, now you can melt your chocolate!
Place half the bag of semi-sweet chocolate into a microwave safe bowl and microwave on high for 30 seconds, stir and place it back in for 30 more seconds, stir.
Repeat the process until the chocolate is JUST melted. Add the rest of the chocolate chips to the melted portion of chocolate and stir until all the chocolate is melt and homogenous.
It takes a bit of patience but don’t put it back into the microwave or you’ll lose your temper.
That is to say your chocolate will be too hot and won’t firm back up at room temperature. Then you’ll really lose your temper. Heh.

Spoon the melted chocolate into your piping bag and snip a tiny bit off the corner.
Pipe about a teaspoon of the chocolate into the bottom of each mini muffin cup.

Repeat the melting/tempering process for the white chocolate (see above).
Note!: White chocolate melts much quicker than regular chocolate. So after the initial 30 sec in the micro, melt at 10 second increments until JUST melted.

Pipe a teaspoon of the white chocolate to cover the semi-sweet.
Sprinkle the peppermint candy over the top.
Set aside to firm up for about 2 hours. No need to refrigerate them if we’ve tempered our chocolate correctly.
Keep in a covered container or zip top bag until ready to serve.

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