Say you have folks coming around for dinner. You want to whip out your nice linen napkins but discover they’ve been jammed into the drawer of your sideboard for six months. Ugh! Guess you’ll have to get out your iron and your ironing board.
Nope! Just follow this little tip and you’ll have wrinkle free napkins in moments!

Image 12-28-14 at 9.49 AM (4)
Boo! Wrinkles!

Image 12-28-14 at 9.49 AM (5)
Fill a spritz bottle with warm water.
Lay your napkin on a soft surface. I use my couch cushion but you can lay down a towel.
Lightly spritz the napkin with the water. You want it to be damp not soaking wet.


Image 12-28-14 at 9.49 AM
With both hands smooth the damp cloth until the wrinkles disappear and the water dries mostly at your touch.

Image 12-28-14 at 9.49 AM (1)
Fold in half then spritz and smooth again.
Fold in quarters then spritz and smooth…
Spritz and smooth…spritz and smooth!
Easy right!

Image 12-28-14 at 9.49 AM (2)

2 thoughts on “No Iron Napkins

  1. Emily Rear says:

    Oh how clever! Now I can get all my linen things caught up quickly. Especially all those napkins that have been sitting there waiting for months. Thanks Kathy!

    1. Works like a charm! I got the idea by watching what they do at fancy restaurants. When they set up another table the waiter sprayed the table cloth and smoothed out the wrinkles. It was perfect! Eureka moment.

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