Packing for Paris fashion week. (I wish!)

Garance Dore talks to women in their fifties about living gracefully and loving their laugh lines.

Giving your skin a break. Could you go 24 hours (or longer) makeup and product free?

I love to look at the Williams Sonoma catalogue, i’m a big fan, but this satire piece had me laughing so hard! The Haters Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalogue

Those Perfect Magazine Mums via Selfish Mother. You’ve read the articles. A successful, beautiful mum with a picture perfect lifestyle.
Yeah, right! SM columnist Anniki Sommerville calls Bullsh*t on why it’s all just a glossy magazine fantasy.

One thought on “Link Love

  1. Emily Rear says:

    The article about Williams Sanoma I was reading while having Lunch, had to pause the reading because I was laughing so hard I was crying! Great article. Some a bit bad wordy but funny, Evenso. Loved the article and thanks for the Laugh!

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