Cheaters Bolognese

I often call this Cheaters Bolognese, because of it’s shameless use of jared marinara. No apologies! The short-cut from the grocery makes this a speedy weekday favorite that tastes like it was simmered for hours.

Sausage Bolognese

1 lb. (500g) Sweet Italian Sausage
1 lb. (500g) Ground Beef
2 tablespoons Olive Oil
1 cup (200g) finely chopped Onion
2 cloves grated Garlic
1/4 cup (10g) Assorted Fresh Herbs (parsley, thyme, rosemary, basil…etc.)
2 tablespoons Dried Italian Herb Mix
2 16.oz jars of your favorite Marinara Sauce.

Add the olive oil, onion and garlic to a large soup pot with a lid. Saute over medium high heat until the onion is soft.
Add the sausage and ground beef and brown. Break the meat into small crumbles and drain off the grease.
Stir in the herbs.
Add the marinara sauce and stir well to combine with the meat.
Bring the sauce to a boil then reduce the heat and cover with the lid.
Simmer for 30 minutes.

Now that you have your lovely sauce you can use it in your lasagna recipe or tossed with linguine, also, you can freeze it for up to 1 month.

Print this recipe? Sausage Bolognese

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