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The Ballad of William LeBlanc

White Willie, White Willie, was king of Red Town.
White Willie, White Willie, he choked it all down.

His boys they went smashing and grabbing, it’s true!
The poor folk of Red Town knew not what to do.

The Dragons they came.
Lóng Sang was their name.
They looked and they saw all of Red Towns’ bleak shame.

The battle was gory, White’s boys they were sorry,
The Dragon had upset their claim.
They fled to the gutters and took as their brothers the rats, and the scraps, and the pain.

White Willie was down; he was broken and bound,
He begged and he pleaded and cried.

The Dragon he laughed,
“It’s too late, that’s all past. You should have been keen to comply.”

The Dragon was clear.
He’d come to change fear.
The folk, they all gathered around.
He steadied his blade, then gave a big wave and lopped off old King Willie’s crown.

The tyrant was dead.
They awoke from their dread.
Red Town had come back and it’s said,
The city was born and from then evermore you’ll look and the Tower shines red.

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