Hey Everyone!

Currently I’m writing the third book of the Revel Night Saga. (Hence the Heavenly picture above) That’s right, it’s Tynan’s turn! In it I roll back the timeline and we see the events of Revel Night from his point of view. We meet the Shadow Boys and find out who the mysterious redheaded girl Clare got a glimpse of!

I’m also excited to share the title of this third story of the Revel Night Saga! That’s coming in December! Although, everyone who read my new stand alone novel DRAGON’S PAWN will already know, plus you can read the first chapter of Tynan’s story.

There have been a few changes to the website also. I’ve done a bit of sprucing up on the BOOKS page, and added some fun new EXTRAS.  And of course stay tuned for more of the Sunday Surfing series, reading recommendations, a few craft projects, and new recipes!

If you’re not signed up for the NEWSLETTER scroll down and do it now! You’ll be happy you did.


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