Welcome to Sunday friends! Let’s stay in our PJ’s and pour a cup of something hot and go surfing!

The remarkable story of a woman who preserved 30 years of TV history.

The origin of the handshake.

Venice will start charging admission to the city.

Who’s watching your porch? (I admit their vids are fascinating)

Justina (The Jungalow) Blakeney is the coolest! 

The Kafka Workout was all the rage in 1904 (and could be again!)

The Capitol Records building in L.A. has been sending secret Morse code messages for decades!

Tuna Noodle Casserole is high up on my list of comfort meals, how about you?

The simple task of cleaning your kitchen every night will make mornings better

“What does tossing pizza dough into the air actually do, though?”

What happened when she showed vintage Mister Rogers episodes to her 21st Century kids

Have a great Sunday!







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