Another beautiful wallpaper for my desk top

This hands free book light is perfect for working on my embroidery

I have tried out the Beauty and the Bees solid conditioner bar! It’s really good! Lasts for a long time (i’ve been using it all month) detangles like a champ!

I’ve followed author James Mark Miller for a number of years on Twitter and I love his very, very short stories called A Small Fiction. They are poignant little bites of perfect prose. Recently I’ve bought his book (with illustrations!) based on his Twitter feed. I love having a hard copy of this inspired work!

I look forward to my installment of Elyse Watches The Batchelor & Bachelorette. Joined by her cats, a large quantity of Kraken Rum, and occasionally her husband, she recaps the episode of the series most love to hate. She’s made me nearly wet my pants with laughter on many a lunch break. She has an extensive backlog, so if that sounds like your glass of rum and coke then I invite you to check it out!

First, I must say that I like squirrels. But they also destroy my bird feeders and hog all the feed I’ve put out. One particularly piggy little dude would just lay down in the tray of the feeder and munch away like a fuzzy Tarrare! My solution, after much research, was The Squirrel Buster Plus. It’s attractive and not overly complicated. And before you start feeling sorry for the poor deprived squirrels, I also put out suet that I am happy for them to have instead.

In response to the ban on plastic bags, lots of people have a collection of bags they keep for trips to the grocery or shops. I’m particularly proud of mine. I started collecting Envirosax in 2009 and have been a devotee ever since. They are great quality, machine washable (very important), sturdy (that first bag from 2009 is still in service!). They come in really cool designs, and I like to give them as gifts.

And finally, speaking of  plastics, and my ongoing quest  for household products that reduce the use of them, I’ve been giving Blueland cleaning products a try.  You get the cleaning squirt bottle and one of their clever little fizzy cleaning tablets (the kitchen one smells like lemongrass). You make the cleaning solution like you would an Alka-seltzer, dissolving the tablet in the bottle that you’ve added tap water to. So far I’ve tried the kitchen cleaner and the glass cleaner and I really like them!

Have you tried anything in this months Love List? What was your take on it?




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