Hello There!

I’ve used this great wall paper to showcase my daily Oracle card draw on my Instagram

Speaking of…. I bought this amazing oracle deck from Megan Buccere as a cheer me up gift at the beginning of quarantine. They are beautiful and insightful in equal measure!

Another thing I’m enjoying is Ollie and Carrie’s Good Morning/Evening series. Ollie and Carrie are actor/singers in musical theater, they, like most others in the entertainment profession are out of work so, every morning since the beginning of quarantine Oliver Ormson posts a wake up chat with his girlfriend Carrie. Subjects range from feelings about the current state of the world to favorite movies and funny stories from behind the scenes of the West End of London.  (nothing too deep 🙂 )

And in the evening Carrie Hope Fletcher posts the wind up of their day chatting to us while making dinner or having a drink on their back patio, and sometimes they post a duet– they have the most amazing voices!  It’s been something I look forward to everyday.

Also I’ve been enjoying the return of small Spring rituals despite the strangeness that permeates our everyday life right now.  Fires in our fire kettle on cool evenings, getting my annual herb garden planted, the return of our favorite seasonal cocktail the Mint Gimlet.

What are some of the things you’ve been looking forward to these days? Leave a comment and let me know!

Be well, my friends!

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