Hello Everyone!

I’m excited for the release of THE FALLEN SHADOW next month! The third book in the Revel Night Saga will be out on June 20, but until then here is another special excerpt…


The Stairway blinked out of existence and Livia experienced a moment where she thought she might be okay, but then the Earth’s gravity caught her, it yanked her away from the portal and she was helpless against the powerful hold. The last thing she saw was the man and his soldiers dragging her unconscious father away as the portal closed.

Flailing and fighting, she began to register the heat as she fell. Hotter and hotter, she folded her wings in front of her hoping that they could protect her. They began to glow as she passed through the upper atmosphere. Her feathers crisped and burst into flame, the pain so intense she couldn’t even scream.

She knew then that she would not survive this. Black spots began forming in her vision and she felt the tug of unconsciousness, a slumber from which she knew she would not wake. She only had a few moments more, time enough to picture his face and remember the sound of his ghostly voice. One last good thought…


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