Hello Friends!

There is a lot going on in the world right now, isn’t there? Things are confusing and intense and it might not feel like the time for a lighthearted links post, so just leave this in your inbox for when you’re ready or if you need a few moments of diversion in the future.


This is the wall paper i’ve been enjoying in May.

These tiny (incredibly sweet) apples are so good! 

NASA engineer tries to build a squirrel proof bird feeder…hilarity ensues.

I currently have more pajamas than I do regular clothes so trust me when I say the Uniqlo soft stretch Hawaiian print PJs are amazing! 

Coveting these Tiki glasses so hard! I wish I had a birthday coming up, alas I’m a winter baby. 

The PopGrip with lip balm pot is kind of genius! 

And finally, I’ve been really enjoying this miniaturist’s YouTube channel, my mind has been blown by all the tiny teensy things… books that have pages that turn, a sink, stove and fan that works! I kind of wish I could shrink myself  and hang out in the tiny worlds they create. No talking just creating with nice mellow music. 

Until next time, be well!



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