Happy October! 

The above picture is from Pixbay

Browned Butter Oatmeal & Apple cookies Joy always comes up the the best seasonal treats! 

Have you heard the new Chillhop Music Fall album? 

This photographer spent seven years capturing portraits of redheads from around the world.

How to make rolled wax candles with bonus calming ASMR goodness. 

It’s the tenth year anniversary of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. For me it’s the ultimate autumn read! 

And speaking of book anniversaries, Dragon’s Pawn by yours truly, was published two years ago on October 24th. To celebrate I’m releasing a special excerpt on that day. Stay tuned! 

Here’s the Clam Chowder recipe I made for our recent camping trip to the coast. 

Recent discovery: These paper butterflies are delightful and really do look like the real thing! (they have bats for October too!)

And finally, this rechargeable arc lighter is perfect for lighting all those pumpkin scented candles you bought. I have one and I love it! 


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