Hello there!  I’ve been on a bit of a series binge lately, all contemporary urban fantasy and romance. You see, while writing in one genre I avoid reading in that same genre. I’ve found it helps me stay focused on the work I’m doing. Therefore no plots set in the Gilded Age or Victorian Era. (Sigh) I’ll just have to catch up on all of it when I finish my book.  Until then I have found some really great stories and thought I’d share.

First off is the Well Met series by Jen Deluca.  If you like the Grumpy/Sunshine trope this is for you! It’s sweet and low on angst; you won’t be turning to the last chapter trying to decide if you’ll be able to endure the anxiety required to see the characters get to the happily ever after. Also, for everyone who is/was into RenFaire or FarieWorlds (Me!) this will take you back 🙂 


I haven’t read much of Nora’s fantasy work, i’m a longtime reader of her “In Death” series so I thought I’d give this urban fantasy set in 2013 Ireland a go. In short, if you love witches, and Ireland, and a strong family dynamic this is for you! I loved it! Each book is about one O’Dwyer cousin and is a full arc for that character (no cliffhangers!) though the conflict of the plot gets pulled through the series. 


This is a rare bird in the series world. It’s complete! At thirteen novels they are all available, blew my mind! I usually join a series at the beginning then have to wait impatiently for the continuation. I’m at the fifth book now and enjoying it, though I will say that Charley, the main character, her arc is dragging a bit. I suppose it’s to be expected. Great B-characters too! If you liked the TV series Supernatural you’ll dig this! 



May I also humbly recommend :

RNS series advert

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