Hello there!

It’s been a few weeks hasn’t it? I’d like to say i’ve been working hard on the new book but distractions have abounded and I’m sad to report I’ve only managed a handful of chapters since December. I’m hoping to be back on track now and the book is still set to be out October…ish. I hope 🙂 

While I’m getting on with things I thought you might like to check out these links, some were found during a few research rabbit holes, in case you need a distraction. 

Trailblazing Female Painters You Really Should Know About

The Beginning of the Mystery Genre

The History of Kitchen Gadgets

One Man’s HUnt for the Original McDonald’s French Fry Recipe 

A Winter Survival Guide 

Did you know that The Sandman is coming to NETFLIX? (Squeee!) 

Stray Souls on WEBTOON is my favorite!  





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