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2021 was a year of trying new things and learning new skills.

I learned canning via Paige at Farmhouse Vernacular I took her online course How to Can Food for Beginners. It was fun and now I have a new skill. So far I’ve put up the stock I made from our Thanksgiving turkey and I made some apple jelly to give as gifts this Christmas.

I baked this cheese bread from Martha Stewart to go with the apple jelly!

With the pandemic scuttling our traveling plans my husband and I got back into camping. It wasn’t long before we decided an upgrade from tent camping was necessary. (last time we went we were a lot younger 😊)  A little teardrop trailer soon joined us on our adventures. We learned a lot from the vast community of teardrop campers, here is a list of some of our favorites:  Mandy Lee, Playing with Sticks, Amanda Outside, Geek Family Adventures

LIke many, I turned to the internet for shopping during the pandemic. I quickly discovered online thrift shops. My favorite is Thread Up I can find anything i’m looking for. The big bonus is that I’m not contributing to fast fashion waste by buying used (sometimes I can get an item that still has the tags on it).

And finally, last year I finished my fantasy series The Revel Night Saga. It was the end of an almost seven year journey and it meant a lot bringing you along for the wild ride.

Looking to the new year, I have a TBR queue on my e-reader that I’m really excited to start, so look for another Bookworm recommendations blog post soon!

A few new recipes are in the works. A fan of The Revel Night Saga asked if i’d publish the recipe for Grandma Sarah’s Chicken Dumplings, (the recipe for Bev’s Triple Chocolate Milkshake is up) so that’s something I’d like to post on the blog this winter.

In writing news, I am working on a new book! The subject of which I’ve teased on my Instagram account and on the Blog. More info will be coming so stay tuned!

So Happy 2022!

Wishing you all the best! Until next time, be well my friends!

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