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Someone wiser than myself once said that endings and beginnings are the same thing. In simpler terms, once something ends it leaves room for something else to begin. With that in mind the last book of the Revel Night Saga was released this past week. I hope you enjoy the antics of the Tenebris family and their friends, lovers, and allies. I even hope you enjoy their enemies, the Phaji were created with the idea that the bad guys have a story to tell too.

Although the Revel Night Saga is complete the survivors of the War of the Second Age move forward with their lives, and who knows I might check in on them from time to time and post a story or two here on the blog.


I started this series the summer of 2013, at least that’s when I began to write it down. My sister remembers I would tell her a story when she had bad dreams or couldn’t sleep when we were little. One about a spooky but friendly boy who haunted the closet. He couldn’t help but be scary because he was learning to be a Boogeyman. So Nox Tenebris has been haunting my closest and my imagination for a very long time.

 I would not have had the nerve to get back into writing after so long without the encouragement of my husband Jefrey, to whom I would read finished chapters and who listened with genuine interest when I would prattle on and on about demons, and angels and body snatching aliens. I’m very sure he was wondering about my sanity on more than one occasion.

Thanks also to our sons Kellen & Gavin (you might be able to spot them at the Christmas party at Bauer Academy in The Brightest Star and mentioned by Kai in The Fallen Shadow) who were also fantastically supportive and encouraging of this new weird thing mom was up to. Love you Sports Fans!

 Finally, to you, whomever you are. Thank you for giving this story a chance I hope you liked it, I certainly had a wonderful time writing it.

Until the next book, be well my friend!

Kathleen Rear

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