Hello Friends!

It’s been a bizarre month hasn’t it? I hope that you and yours are safe and staying healthy! Despite the gloom of the Covid19 outbreak there were still some things to love about March.

First is this beautiful wall paper I’ve enjoyed all month!

This Playlist on Spotify is upbeat and cheerful in the background when working.

Pablo Cimadevila is a master jeweler and great to watch!

If you need something soothing  LIVE VIEWS FROM THE SPACE STATION is just the ticket!

Speaking of soothing, why not tuck into your favorite comfort read? What’s that you ask? It’s the book you’ve read 10 times but would gladly re-read. There’s nothing like hanging out with fictional friends and reading a well loved story…again! Here are some of my comfort books: Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore,   The Starless Sea The House of Spies,   The Black Widow….to name a few.

Also, I’ve got a new cover for my E-reader and I’m EVER so pleased with it!

If you enjoy baking here is Joy The Baker’s English Muffin Bread recipe. Her IG stories are really nice too.

This tutorial on How To Knit A Scarf For The Absolute Beginners is really good!

Finally, here is Esther Walker’s advice about working from home… a little levity to lighten the mood.

Be well my friends!










Here is a special excerpt from my up-coming release, THE FALLEN SHADOW.


June 21st
Revel Night

Chapter One

Tynan could always tell when his father entered Shadow Manor. Like plucking the string of an instrument his presence vibrated along the whole. A hush fell over the usually boisterous students for a few moments, sensing what Tynan felt now as his father drew near, the spine chilling power of the Master Shadow of Faerie, Nox Tenebris.

A sprawling estate, Shadow Manor was owned by Tynan’s grandmother Elspeth Glenghlas. She was a powerful aristocrat and one of the Seelie Queen’s closest friends and advisors, her position within the Seelie court kept her away from her ancestral home.

That was the story Tynan been told when he was a child, now a young man one week shy of his eighteenth birthday, he knew the truth of his father and grandmother’s estrangement. Elspeth could not abide what her son was.

Even amongst the Fae, Tynan’s father was special. He wielded the darkest of magic, the ability to sense and amplify fear and transform into a person’s worst nightmare, he could merge and melt into the dark; disappear from one dark place and reappear in another, powers Tynan inherited. He was a Shadow, in the Mortal or human realm they called him The Boogeyman.

Tynan realized early that he was different from his sisters. While his twin Clare and younger sister Juno, enjoyed playmates and socializing with other children, he was often excluded; the children too afraid to even come near him. His sisters and parents became his only company. He was comforted by their loyalty, but ultimately they couldn’t fill the void of being the only child Shadow.

He walked to the balcony off the sitting room in his quarters, ten young boys were playing kick ball in the grass beneath him. He smiled as they passed the ball to each other.

Everything changed, for Tynan, and indeed the Faerie realm, as other Tenebrosai began to seek out he and his father, drawn to them and each other by the rare gifts of the Shadows. Nox created within the halls of the disused manor a place to house and educate the Shadow Boys who came to him, the Tenebrosorium.

Although elated that he was no longer alone, the fact that more Shadows were being born was not a cause for celebration. He and his fellows were a harbinger of another attack by a species of conquerors called the Phaji: The World Eaters.

Three thousand years ago, during the First Age, the Faerie, Demonic, and Angelic realms reached across time and dimensions and joined with the Mortal realm to become a new universe, The Four Realms. The Mortal realm acted as a conduit to and from each separate realm that lived in harmony.

Then a fifth realm inhabited by the Phaji sought to join as well but it became very clear that peaceful co-existence was not the goal. The Phaji Swarm would have crushed the Earth, consumed and dominated the humans, then decimated the other realms as well.

It was before this War of the First Age that the first Shadows had been born to the Faerie realm. Their leader had been the legendary Shadow, Vailintin Xivass. The Shadow Boys’ historical brethren had been critical in the battle waged to protect the Four Realms.

Or so the ancient stories told, but Tynan knew the truth, the Phaji had not been defeated, just quietly biding their time until they could strike again. That time was drawing near Tynan could feel it. The Shadows were like antibodies created to fight a disease. History was repeating itself; the universe needed them again.

The signs were clear, the Phaji were back and he was ready. It was what he was born for, his imperative, what he had been training his whole life to be. He was eager to finally step onto the path that would lead to his destiny.

Sometimes though, he thought of what it would have been like to be the son of a simple man, a blacksmith, or tailor. Guilty thoughts were these, he was proud to be a Tenebris; his family loved and cared for each other fiercely. Proud too to be commander of his father’s Shadows, he loved each of the Tenebrosai as a brother. It was just; sometimes he wondered what it might feel like to have simple cares, what he might be if he had not been born to be a weapon of war.

THE FALLEN SHADOW will be available for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited on June 20


These are great for packed lunches and a light dinner. Just serve with a green salad!

Bacon, Leek and Cheese Muffins
Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

2 cups Flour
1 tablespoon Baking Powder
1/3 cup Vegetable Oil
3/4 cup Milk
2 large Eggs
4 rashers of Bacon
1/2 cup finely chopped Leeks
1 1/2 cups grated Cheese

Fry up the bacon until crispy, crumble then set aside. In the remaining bacon fat sauté the leeks until soft, then set aside to cool.

In a large bowl add the flour, baking powder & cheese. Add in the oil, milk, & eggs. Add in the cooled bacon and leeks. Mix until combined.

Line a 9 cup muffin tin with paper baking cups and fill each baking cup 2/3 full with the muffin mix.

Place into the oven and bake for 20-25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.

Change up the flavor by using fresh herbs, or sausage or dried fruit like figs or feta cheese.





Ever since reading The Coroner’s Daughter I’ve been in a historical mystery mood.  Deanna Raybourn’s Veronica Speedwell series has fit that mood very nicely.

Set in 1887 London, Veronica is a woman who rejects society’s ideas about how a woman should act, think, dress….pretty much everything. Along with her (very hot) companion Stoker, Veronica gets swept up in some pretty crazy situations, and I loved every page!

A CURIOUS BEGINNING is the first of (so far) a five book series.

London, 1887. 

After burying her spinster aunt, orphaned Veronica Speedwell is free to resume her world travels in pursuit of scientific inquiry—and the occasional romantic dalliance. As familiar with hunting butterflies as with fending off admirers, Veronica intends to embark upon the journey of a lifetime.

But fate has other plans when Veronica thwarts her own attempted abduction with the help of an enigmatic German baron, who offers her sanctuary in the care of his friend Stoker, a reclusive and bad-tempered natural historian. But before the baron can reveal what he knows of the plot against her, he is found murdered—leaving Veronica and Stoker on the run from an elusive assailant as wary partners in search of the villainous truth.


May I also humbly recommend:

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Another beautiful wallpaper for my desk top

This hands free book light is perfect for working on my embroidery

I have tried out the Beauty and the Bees solid conditioner bar! It’s really good! Lasts for a long time (i’ve been using it all month) detangles like a champ!

I’ve followed author James Mark Miller for a number of years on Twitter and I love his very, very short stories called A Small Fiction. They are poignant little bites of perfect prose. Recently I’ve bought his book (with illustrations!) based on his Twitter feed. I love having a hard copy of this inspired work!

I look forward to my installment of Elyse Watches The Batchelor & Bachelorette. Joined by her cats, a large quantity of Kraken Rum, and occasionally her husband, she recaps the episode of the series most love to hate. She’s made me nearly wet my pants with laughter on many a lunch break. She has an extensive backlog, so if that sounds like your glass of rum and coke then I invite you to check it out!

First, I must say that I like squirrels. But they also destroy my bird feeders and hog all the feed I’ve put out. One particularly piggy little dude would just lay down in the tray of the feeder and munch away like a fuzzy Tarrare! My solution, after much research, was The Squirrel Buster Plus. It’s attractive and not overly complicated. And before you start feeling sorry for the poor deprived squirrels, I also put out suet that I am happy for them to have instead.

In response to the ban on plastic bags, lots of people have a collection of bags they keep for trips to the grocery or shops. I’m particularly proud of mine. I started collecting Envirosax in 2009 and have been a devotee ever since. They are great quality, machine washable (very important), sturdy (that first bag from 2009 is still in service!). They come in really cool designs, and I like to give them as gifts.

And finally, speaking of  plastics, and my ongoing quest  for household products that reduce the use of them, I’ve been giving Blueland cleaning products a try.  You get the cleaning squirt bottle and one of their clever little fizzy cleaning tablets (the kitchen one smells like lemongrass). You make the cleaning solution like you would an Alka-seltzer, dissolving the tablet in the bottle that you’ve added tap water to. So far I’ve tried the kitchen cleaner and the glass cleaner and I really like them!

Have you tried anything in this months Love List? What was your take on it?





Welcome to Sunday friends! Let’s stay in our PJ’s and pour a cup of something hot and go surfing!

The remarkable story of a woman who preserved 30 years of TV history.

The origin of the handshake.

Venice will start charging admission to the city.

Who’s watching your porch? (I admit their vids are fascinating)

Justina (The Jungalow) Blakeney is the coolest! 

The Kafka Workout was all the rage in 1904 (and could be again!)

The Capitol Records building in L.A. has been sending secret Morse code messages for decades!

Tuna Noodle Casserole is high up on my list of comfort meals, how about you?

The simple task of cleaning your kitchen every night will make mornings better

“What does tossing pizza dough into the air actually do, though?”

What happened when she showed vintage Mister Rogers episodes to her 21st Century kids

Have a great Sunday!








Readers of my series THE REVEL NIGHT SAGA know that Bev’s Diner is where plans are hatched, new friendships are established, secrets revealed, and a place to go when one is in need of comfort food.

A burger, onion rings, and Bev’s famous Triple Chocolate Milkshake will fix everything! And save room for a piece of Marionberry pie!

Readers have asked “Is Bev’s real?” So sorry, Bev’s and Remy Oregon are entirely fictional. I do, however, have a killer recipe for a triple chocolate milkshake!

Bev’s Triple Chocolate Milkshake

3 cups Chocolate Ice Cream (softened)
1 cup Chocolate Milk
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
2-3 tablespoons Chocolate Syrup
Whipped Cream for serving (I prefer the spray kind for authenticity)

Drizzle the chocolate syrup down the inside wall of a fountain glass and set aside. Put the ice cream, milk , and vanilla in a blender and process until smooth and frothy. Pour the milkshake into the fountain glass and top with whipped cream.

Makes 2 milkshakes (Happy Valentine’s Day)

Photo found on Pinterest








February 4th 2010 on a website then called Wishing For Horses this appeared.

It was my first blog post.

Thinking back I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my shiny new website but I was excited! I had a lot of ideas!

Would I chronicle my life as a parent of sons (then) aged 15 & 13? (turns out no, definitely not) I could write restaurant reviews? (nah) Maybe I’d become an agony aunt and give advice to the lovelorn of the internet? (hard pass)

Eventually my imagination settled down and I became realistic about my chances of being a famous blogger. (1 in 500,000 as it turns out) I soon realized that this was a great place to simply play.

I became interested in painting and visual arts, so I shared my inspirations with a series called “Art is Everywhere”  


The series called “Meet A Blogger” was dedicated to all the wonderful people making the internet a nice place to spend some time. I found book nerds (Smart Bitches, Trashy Books), and cooking gurus (The Julie/Julia Project…You know the blog on which the book and then the movie was based?)

I got interested in learning to cook, that’s when things started to take off around here. I began posting recipes. The posts were essentially me trying to write things down so I would have my own personal data base for the things my family liked. I put all those recipes together in a book called “The Family Table” 

A four years later I published “Dinner Tonight” a second book based on my blog.

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 10.12.49 AM

And it was fun when people started showing up (other than my mom that is 🙂 )

After the tragedy that was my packing job for a trip to Europe I started chronicling How I Learned To Pack Light  with a series called The Packing Project. More travel blogs followed.


And then, in 2013 everything changed. My oldest graduated and was off to university. One kid down in the house triggered a major light bulb moment. I looked through my story ideas notebooks, some of them were pretty good! I thought, hey I’ll just amuse myself. I started to write.

One book became two, then three, I’m currently working on my fourth novel.

It was then that WishingForHorses,com became  And here we are today!

So, happy 10th birthday my dear little website! I’m so very grateful for those who have stuck around and egged me on. Here’s to ten more!


XX -Kathleen







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Hello Everyone!

I’ve found and/or acquired a few things in January that I’ve been telling everybody about and I thought maybe you’d like to know too!

First off this beautiful wall paper! It graces my laptop screen and phone lock screen as we speak! And guess what? It’s FREE! 🙂

You will never find a bigger beauty product skeptic than me. That said, Make-up remover cloths really do live up to the hype. Prices vary widely but, I bought the cheap ones at the grocery store and they work great.

In keeping with the ECO/ZeroWaste theme I’ve been giving Shampoo Bars a try. I’ve been using JR LIGGETTS and they work very well. (Oh! P.S.! They have PET shampoo too!)

I’ve also been trying out Educated Earthling’s conditioner bar. Now, I have long hair and though I’m not that picky about shampoo, I do not put up with wimpy conditioner! You guys, it’s great! Highly recommend!

I also have a bar of Beauty and the Bees conditioner to try. I’ll report back!

Homesick Candles are so very lovely to give as gifts or to remind you of a place or time. I have the Hawaii one in my bedroom and it’s perfect!

And finally, the steaming method for hard cooked eggs is a game changer! Try it!







Image compliments of Robert Bye

Welcome to Sunday friends! Pour a nice cuppa and let’s go surfing!

Switching back to a “dumb phone” was the best thing I’ve ever done!

Cold war soldier’s 50-year-old message in a bottle found in Alaska

Japan’s beautiful digital graveyard

700 year-old family tattoo parlor

Airlines are finally adding perks back to economy class flights!

Predictions about life in 2029 based on 2019

How important is it to have failed at something? 

The Cloud Appreciation Society (I want to join!)

Have a wonderful Sunday!






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