For many, rituals represent a space in time carved out of our busy day just for us. It's hard to do when so many need us and we've become accustomed to spreading ourselves thin. A little "me time." It is, in my opinion, essential to staying healthy inside and out. For me, it's my Sunday bath. … Continue reading Rituals

May Bookworm

For those of us who were distraught about The Mortal Instruments series wrapping up, and next year can't arrive too soon so we can dig into The Dark Artifices, Cassandra Clare, along with a who's who of popular YA authors, offers us a short story e-book series based in the Shadow Hunters universe. There are going to … Continue reading May Bookworm

Is it Spring Yet?

I know i'm being optimistic wearing sandals yet, but I will risk cold toes to show off these adorable Toms wedge sandals. I bought them while we were all still shivering months ago and by Jove, it's finally time to trot them out.