The Brown Sugar Martini

Someone turned 21 years old today!
You know what that means, boozing it up at the pub and getting free birthday drinks! Whooo Partay!

Oh wait, right she’s a cat.
Well SOMEONE needs to have a drink today! So in her honor I’ve made up a tasty cocktail.


Why not mix up a batch and toast: “Here’s to very, very old cats! Happy 21st Birthday Sugar!”

The Brown Sugar Martini
Decorate a martini glass with a drizzle of caramel sauce.

In a cocktail shaker full of ice add:
1 Cinnamon Stick
1 part Brown Sugar Simple Syrup
(1/2 cup dark brown sugar & 1/2 cup water: Bring to a boil then cool before using)
2 parts Vanilla Vodka
Shake well and pour into your caramel swirled glass, then float a teaspoon of cream over the top.


One thought on “The Brown Sugar Martini

  1. Emily Rear says:

    Very appropriately Named for Miss Sugar! Going to try when I get over this cold. Hey, maybe if I double it it will get rid of this cold. Thanks Kathy!

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