I’ll admit most vacations are planned around eating ourselves silly, NYC is a very good place to do that!

Shake Shack- I shy away from places I’ve seen on TV travel shows that implore you to go. I’m glad we checked this out!

Black Shack Burger– However, the joint that won our undying affection was this place around the corner from our hotel.

Mulligan’s Pub– This was the perfect place to rest our tired dogs after a day of sight-seeing. Very friendly family owned place that pours a proper drink!

Il Cortile– We wanted to have a family dinner in “Little Italy” and I’ll admit I was put off by the reviews I saw on the internet for this place. I made the reservation for a Tuesday evening and crossed my fingers. It was good! Really good! Service, food, friendliness of the staff…. No idea what all those whiners on the web were crying about!

Quality Meats– One of the date night dinners Jef and I had. Relaxed and easy-going, definitely our kind of place!

Lucid Cafe– A very nice cup of coffee and croissant. Again, in the Murray Hill neighborhood.

Scotty’s Diner – Charming NYC authentic diner in Murray Hill. Once we found this place we went back every morning for breakfast.

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One thought on “What I Ate in NYC

  1. Emily Rear says:

    If we ever get to NYC we’ll definitely try these places out.

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