Juli's Sangria

I mentioned a while ago that we got a subscription to Julibox. It’s been so much fun! Once a month we receive the fixings to make a new seasonal cocktail dreamed up my their genius mixologists.
Last month we tried cocktails that were mixed with wine. This one I sipped and was astonished to note it tastes very like Sangria, but fancier! Let’s get mixing.

Juli’s Sangria

In a shaker full of ice add:
3/4 oz. fresh Orange Juice
1 oz. or the juice of half a Lemon
1 3/4 oz. Licor 43
2 oz. Cabernet Sauvignon (the cheap kind)
3/4 oz. Brandy
Shake until very cold
Serve in a coupe glass or wine glass

If you’re making a large amount for a party, up the measurements from ounces to cups. Combine and refrigerate.

One thought on “Juli’s Sangria

  1. Nacho says:

    These look wonderful. I love the no added sugar, chia seeds, and clompex carbs! Too much sugar has a tendency to ruin recipes for me. I’m going to have to make these very soon, thanks for the lovely recipe

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