Meet Mimi

A feast for the eyes and belly, Mimi Thorisson writes about her life in Medoc France with her photographer husband, children and dogs. I love going to her site for her wonderful recipes, that remind me of the things my Grandma Naomi used to cook. The photography, done by her husband, is really beautiful.

High Speed

You use a high-speed camera to film things you want to slow way down, things you can't normally see with the naked eye. It's caught on as an art form that's beautiful and fascinating. This high-speed demonstration of microwave destruction is amusing. (Don't try it, unless you want to destroy your microwave and possibly seriously … Continue reading High Speed

Dear America

Dear America is a photo project to celebrate the launch of the new online Zara store. If you're of a fashiony bent this news was squee worthy, however, I think this photo gallery is more lovely.

Happy Anniversary

Wishing For Horses is one year old! In celebration I'm giving you some free art! Click on the photo to download the original size. It's from my series called "pretty things". Enjoy and thanks for reading. Cheers Kath