Link Love: Unusual Art

PPRINT offers gorgeous artwork painted on vintage book pages. Anastassia Elias makes these fantastic little vignettes in...TP rolls! I KNOW! Right? You have to go by her site and check them all out! Guy Laramee carves wondrous landscape scenes out of books.

Free For All: Art

Some of you have asked where did I get the guitar poster on Kellen's wall? The art was a photograph taken by me. Here's a link to download the original size. I used to blow it up into a poster.

Quick Links

A few quick links to start your weekend off with a smile. Shot 60.000 pictures, developed 9.600 prints and shot over 1.800 pictures again. No post production! A really amazing film! The PENStory Stephen Wiltshire can draw completely accurate panoramas from memory See what Kiki and her dolly Coco were up to in Paris: Kiki … Continue reading Quick Links